Dough Nation



“DOUGH NATION should be required reading for future entrepreneurs and small business owners. Andrus deftly explains how making giving a cornerstone of their business plan has yielded tangible benefits for their community, their employees and their bottom line. Working closely with Chris and his business partner, Max on several events, his commitment to collaborative philanthropy comes through with every conversation. I’m thrilled he wrote this book to spread the word about how every business can not only help, but solve some of our biggest challenges.” 


Director of Marketing, Detroit Tigers (2010-2018)

“In DOUGH NATION, Christopher Andrus makes a compelling case that a fulfilling life inside and outside of business is about the journey, not the finish line. And that the more people we engage with and help along our journeys, the more nourishing and impactful that journey will be. There is a lot more good karma that comes with focusing our energies around collaboration and sustainability than focusing on competition, and Chris brings that ideal to life in every chapter of this timely book.”  


Founder and Brewer, Dogfish Head Brewery

“Two outside the box thinkers build a business around purpose and serving others. This inspiring journey demonstrates action, intentionality, and perseverance.”


President & CEO, Gordon Food Service

DOUGH NATION is an inspiring story of two leaders and their vision for creating a business that embodied their values and passion for helping others. They have seen tremendous success in our community and have built a growing population of loyal customers. As Mayor of our amazing city, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact The Mitten Brewing Company has had on our Westside neighborhood. They stand as a powerful demonstration of what can happen when we support local businesses and they in return support our community.”


Mayor of Grand Rapids, MI

“In this interesting and spirited book, Chris writes about the incredible impact that small businesses can make in their communities through partnerships with nonprofits. Chris rightly asserts that good works are good for business. Untethered by the practices and priorities of large corporations, privately-owned businesses can create meaningful and long-term partnerships that advance their partners’ causes, while fostering goodwill with their intensely loyal customers. Customers and employees rally around businesses that stand for something, and nonprofits are the grateful beneficiaries of this growing philosophy.”


Vice President of Make-A-Wish Michigan

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